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Hotel glassware types, find a glass for every occasion

Glassware can be described as a vessel used to put drinks so that people can consume them. Every single type of glassware has its own type of drink. Hence there are different types of glass used in hotel industry depending on the drink served.

Every hotel collection glasses comprises tumblers of any height which can be used to put drinks such as soda. These multipurpose glasses are usually not expensive and when the workers or customers break them it won’t affect the hotel’s finances. They exist in a variety of volumes and sizes. However, you should not be deceived by their height as the short ones could carry a greater volume than the taller ones. They are not exactly the hotel collection highball glasses but they are all-purposed and essential in any hotel. They can serve any common drink such as water and all they do is compliment the dinnerware.

These types of glassware in hotel are not necessarily made of glass as some are crystal, non-lead crystal. The crystal type glasses are slightly more expensive than the ones made of other materials, but its elegance draws hoteliers into it. It is also strong as it has passed the test of side to side unlike the one made from glass. The non-lead crystal is quite durable due to its strength and is quite decorative.

Another type of glassware in hotel is the stemware. These are glasses whose characteristic is a stem that is found between the bowl and the foot of the glass. They are used mainly for wine serving and if the hotel usually hosts dinner parties then it needs them more times than any other glass. Red wine has its own appropriate glass. Its bowl is usually larger than that meant for the white wine. It is usually important for any hotel to have such glasses as red wine goes with everything and using this wine glass makes sure that the customer has really savored the drink the way it’s supposed to. Wine Glasses are usually designed in such a way that allows the drinker to enjoy the flavor and aroma.

The white wine glass has different shapes and sizes for the same reasons as that of wines so as to enjoy the different flavours and aromas. In comparison to the red wine glasses, the white wine glass has a smaller bowl. This is because of the delicate nature of the white wine. The main types of white wine are of two types and the white glasses are of two main types which are the full-bodied style and the light style. There is also another type of stemware which can be referred to as champagne glass. They have different shapes and they include the classic coupe, the long flute which also happens to be tall.

Barware is also part of the hotel collection glasses which have a resemblance with the stemware as they have a specific purpose. The purpose depends on the occasion as it could be formal hence in need of the elegant ones while if it is non-formal then the beer glass is just fine. Barware resembles both the all-purpose glassware and the stemware in the sense that it has a lot of choices to choose from.

If one is serving liquor or mixed drinks then they should use the highball glasses which bring the mood to an old-fashioned elegant vibe. These glasses include the shot glass which serves a few ounces but the experience is quite enthralling through the glass used. Another known type of liquor glasses is the cocktail glass which is basically in the category of mixed drinks and has some brilliant elegance into it. This type of glass usually serves a great number and deal of cocktails and it can handle up to 3 ounces of the drink being served. A margarita glass is part of the barware and the one drinking from the glass can easily enjoy the drink while having the time of their lives. The margarita which is also known as the coupette can handle from 6 ounces to 10 ounces of the drink and can serve frozen cocktails.

Hotels are usually keen on owning a whiskey glass which is meant to serve whiskey with no ice another common glass to have in a hotel is the champagne tulip or saucer which is meant for serving only champagne. The most common glass used in a bar setting is the high ball glass and its characteristics include being long and also straight around the sides.

The hotel industry needs to be keen on having all these glasses so as to ensure that their customers are enjoying their drinks. If you want to check our Glassware Collection, you can click here.