The Puertorican company Lucerna Hospitality becomes an International company

The Puertorican company Lucerna Hospitality continues with its expansion plan and becomes an international company since last November 2019 after opening its new showroom in Mexican lands, now called Lucerna Hospitality International. The new showroom is located in Downtown Cancun, well connected to Playa del Carmen and Tulum and highly attractive as a tourist destination […]

Lucerna Hospitality launches its online store in Puerto Rico

Lucerna Hospitality, “The Master Key for the Hospitality Industry” continues with its expansion plan and launches its online shop specialized in the sale and distribution of articles for hotels, rental apartments and restaurants, providing a fast and efficient service with highly competitive prices to the Puerto Rico market. During the months of January and February […]

Vicrila Glassware

Vicrila Industrias del Vidrio, was founded in the year 1890 and from then until now it has been dedicated to the production of glass, being one of the companies with the longest standing in the Basque Country in Spain. In its facilities, different types of glass and products have been produced, emphasizing in its first […]

Register your business today

Now it is possible to buy online in Puerto Rico. Register your business with Lucerna Hospitality and start saving and receiving your orders quickly and easily without waiting with just one click. Once you register, our team will verify your business profile and we will give you access so you can start getting discounts and savings […]

The language of hotel cutlery

If you are new to fine dining, you might find it intimidating at first. You might not understand how to set up silverware on a table, something that could lead to miscommunication. It would be best if you were not worried or scared because you can quickly learn the language of cutlery setting. With the knowledge, is […]

Cleaning a Hotel Room in Under 30 Minutes

Introduction There are guests who flip the room, visitors who decide to party hard, there is no telling what you’ll walk into as you are to enter the scene. But, on most typical circumstances, it is possible to be in and out of the room in under 30 minutes with the right training and equipment.For […]

Hotel glassware types, find a glass for every occasion

Glassware can be described as a vessel used to put drinks so that people can consume them. Every single type of glassware has its own type of drink. Hence there are different types of glass used in hotel industry depending on the drink served. Every hotel collection glasses comprises tumblers of any height which can […]

Measures implemented in hotels against COVID-19

Tourism and hospitality sector has taken a hard blow from the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps more than others. Even with the government’s best attempts to cushion the hospitality sector, hotels have encountered huge losses due to the low influx of guests, both local and international. As an industry that contributes 5% of […]

Restaurant Tableware Styles

Tableware includes the dishware or dishes that are used to set the table, serve food, and beverages. Therefore, when talking about tableware, we are referring to glassware cutlery, serving dishes, etc. Here are some restaurant tableware styles and how they can make a huge difference in how clients view and judge your restaurant. The importance of Tableware […]

Mixologist, The New Trend

It is true that in recent years it has been the Chefs all over the world who have had a great global boom, perhaps it is because of their new techniques or simply because of the creation of new gastronomic concepts that have raised a lot of expectations globally, although It is true that the […]