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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our most frequently asked questions.

Last update: October 18 2021.

At Lucerna Hospitality we sell products to both businesses and individuals, it is an online store open for sale to anyone.


In our online store, you can pay by credit card, Paypal and if you are a business you can pay by check and/or bank transfer, although in this case, we recommend that you contact our customer service via email at and


All our prices are in US dollars (USD).


Any business legally established in the USA and Puerto Rico can only apply to the terms 30-day credit net, although this will be reviewed and several factors will be taken into account to determine its approval, our finance team will contact the business to indicate the steps to follow for such benefits once we receive your request.


Of course yes, in the online store we only have the products that we have in stock but there are many others that we can get for your business, you just have to contact our team via email at or thought our contact form here.


At the moment, we only ship to the USA and Puerto Rico and soon we will be opening options for the Caribbean and Latin America.

Usually, the prices for all products fluctuate depending on many aspects such as goods cost, shipping, fuel increase as well as many other factors which are out of our control, therefore, we can not guarantee that the prices you may see today will be seen tomorrow again.


Definitely you can. You are more than welcome to come to our showroom and buy directly any items you may have seen in our shop online.


Yes certainly. Due to the current situation and following the local’s law guidances, we require you to call us in advance and get an appointment to come to our showroom.


Lucerna Rewards is a loyalty program allowing all our customers who buy online to obtain points per dollar spent and use this reward for future purchases.

* Volume purchases are excluded. Lucerna Rewards is just for online sales.

Enrollment is free of charge when registering with Lucerna Rewards.


To enroll, is very simple and easy click in ENROLL NOW, however you will have the opportunity to enroll also in the checkout process.


With Lucerna Rewards all our products show how many points you will be getting into your account. You will earn 100 points per USD $1.00 (taxes and shipping are excluded from earning points). For level 2 and 3 you will be able to gain more points when reaching these levels.


No at all, the more you spend, the more points you will earn.


In order to earn points, you will need to spend a minimum of $30 (taxes and shipping are excluded).


Your Star Points will expire every 12 months but our system will email you before they expire as a reminder.


During the checkout process our shop will show you the Lucerno Points available in your account to be redeem, they are valued in USD so you will be able select the points you would like to redeem and will automatically deducted from your total cart amount.


You can redeem a maximum of 500,000 Lucerno Points per purchase however, the minimum purchase in your cart will be $30.00 (taxes and shipping are excluded).


Simply log in to your account of Lucerna Rewards located on the menu and have full access to your balance as well as your activity.


You will get to LEVEL 1 when registering with Lucerna Rewards however, you will be able to reach Level 2 when reaching 50,000 Lucerno Points and level 3 when reaching 100,000 Lucerno Points.


Reaching Levels with Lucerna Rewards will allow you to obtain more points in every purchase.  


Level 1 will be reached automatically when register you will get as below:

  • Create an account and get 30,000 Lucerno Points.
  • Get 2,000 Lucerno Points when you log into your account every day, (only once a day).
  • Earn 10,000 Lucerno Points for your first order.
  • Get 5,000 Lucerno Points for every additional order.
  • Write your first review and get 10,000 Lucerno Points.
  • Get 2,000 Lucerno Points for every additional review.
  • Recommend our website to a friend/family and earn 20,000 Lucerno Points (your friend must make an order)
  • Get 1,000 Lucerno Points for every share of our website (only once a day).
  • Send us a story with our products with a minimum length of 800 words and get 20,000 Lucerno Points
  • Earn 40,000 Lucerno Points on your birthday.

Level 2, will be reached with 50,000 Lucerno Points and you will get as below:

  • You will get all privileges of Level 1
  • Get a 15% Off Coupon to be used for specific products sold in our shop.
  • Get 1.5 Lucerno Points per dollar spent for specific products sold in our shop. 

Level 3, you will get can be reached with 100,000 Lucerno Points and you will get

  • You will get all privileges of Level 1 and Level 2
  • Get a 15% Off Coupon to be used for specific products sold in our shop.
  • Get 1.5 Lucerno Points per dollar spent for specific products sold in our shop