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Vicrila Glassware

Vicrila Industrias del Vidrio, was founded in the year 1890 and from then until now it has been dedicated to the production of glass, being one of the companies with the longest standing in the Basque Country in Spain. In its facilities, different types of glass and products have been produced, emphasizing in its first years the production of carafes and later of flat glass.

What is tempered glassware?

Tempering is a thermal process of heating a glass close to melting point then cooling it rapidly. This causes the outer surface of the glass to cool and shrink faster than the inside of the glass wall creating a tight skin. This closes the many hairline fractures that naturally occur in regular annealed glass and make a stronger product.

Vicrila is fully tempered

Vicrila’s tempered glass are fully tempered from rim to foot. With our toughening technology, we temper our items from rim to foot both inside and out. Not all manufacturers temper to the same high standards. Fully Tempered items are resistant to 275ºF temperature changes. This is tested by taking an item of glass from an oven at 275ºF and then plunging it into cold water. The glassware will not shatter or break. A perfect glass on your table and much longer. Don’t wait anymore and start saving for your business today.

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