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Cleaning a Hotel Room in Under 30 Minutes


There are guests who flip the room, visitors who decide to party hard, there is no telling what you’ll walk into as you are to enter the scene. But, on most typical circumstances, it is possible to be in and out of the room in under 30 minutes with the right training and equipment.For this, we must evaluate certain steps to follow to ensure that we work in an organized matter and to work on time management along with quality standards.

Housekeeper Task

A certain amount of rooms is assigned to the housekeeper daily. The amount of rooms will be determined by management according to formulas and category of rooms.It is expected that the housekeeper finishes that assigned task during the shift.

Organization is key

Before doing so, let us start off with the basics.We must keep our work area neat and organized. There are hotels which have assigned team members to restock the housekeeping carts with bed linen, amenities, towels, laundry bags and others. If you have a stock, there is time to your advantage and if not, you have an opportunity to stock accordingly to the assigned task sheet like the amount of bed sheets, towels, amenities and cleaning products. Also keep in mind that caddiesbroomsdusters, mops, cleaning ragsdusters, and others are to be available. Identify which items are required to achieve that high-standard cleaning and request them to the assigned runner.

Entering Room SOP

Every company should have their SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) on how to enter a room. Most companies have a policy for placing housekeeping cart front of room and others can enter housekeeping cart inside room. Following knocking two times followed by announcing “housekeeping” two times while entering the room. Keeping in mind that door will be opened slowly allowing guest to respond in case of being in room.

10 Basic Steps to Clean a Hotel Room

Pile it up – Start off gathering the linen bags, debris bags and chemicals in the housekeeping cart. Once in room, proceed by taking out the used linen like towels and strip the bed. Always start the process by stripping the bed sheets. This will enable you to use the dirty fitted sheet as a package for the rest of the used items, helping to gather everything and easier when placing inside laundry bags and removing from room.

Spray it like you mean it – There are products which require certain number of minutes to work properly. For this, let us take the moment to spray the chemicals in the bathroom area and allow them to work according to assigned label.

Out with the old and In with the new – Make space by removing the dirty linen bags and debris from the room. Always make sure to check all visible surfaces from tablesnightstandsseats counters for trash and remember to check inside the drawers. Once bags have been taken out of room, proceed to return with fresh bed sheets, duvet, pillowcases, pillow covers and fitted sheet. Inspect pillows, insert, bedpad, mattress encasement for any stains or damages.

Show off – We have the fresh bed linen and making the bed will be the next step. We enter a room we hope that everything is clean but I myself find bed presentation to be essential for the overall look. Check the bed for any damages or stains. If any stains, report for assigned team member to process the cleaning or apply the accorded product to work out the stain. Make the bed following your hotel standards and ensure that once complete all sheets, pillow covers and pillows are thoroughly checked for stains, tears and any hairs.

Clean it like you mean it – While the particles in air from sheets settle on surfaces, we return to bathroom to work of the chemicals and all surfaces. Water and scrubbing along with the equipment will play an important role. Pay special attention when cleaning toilet seats and handles. Shower head, floor, trash bins, soap dishes, amenity tray, dispensers and all traces from previous guest must be cleaned or replaced if damaged. Do not forget the hair on the floor! Get that chrome spotless, change that shower curtain, scrub that glass. Get the amenities, and bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, washcloths and bathmat after finishing the cleaning in the bathroom and exit.

Cover all areas – The room should always be well dusted from the top of the highest areas and to the bottom, specially over furniture. Don’t forget windowsills, ceiling fans, lamp shades, sprinklers and any hanging artwork.It is recommendable to dust in a circular direction to avoid leaving areas unattended.

Wipe it – Wipe down all hard surfaces. We advise using cleaning rags in a color coordinated cleaning system to prevent cross contamination. A clean set of cleaning rags is recommended be used for each room assigned like for example: blue for glasses. Small things matter so do not forget to sanitize items such as the remote control, light switches, door handles and telephones paying particular attention to any in the bathroom area.

Restock the goodies – Make sure all items provided by the hotel are restocked. This includes personal care products, tea/coffee area, laundry bags, do not disturb signs, notebooks, pens and guest guides. Always make sure clean glassware and coffee cups are cleaned. Clocks are set to the correct time with the alarm off.

Clean the dance floor – Vacuum should be done last from end of room to room entrance on carpets. While vacuuming, keep an eye out for any damages or stains. Remove any spots from food, drink or makeup using designated product. Vacuuming is essential because it helps maintain hotel carpets, prevents dust from building up and it will even lift carpet pile. The broom is essential before mopping due to piling up debris. Circular direction to be done as well, including moving furniture, unless required extra strength or a project. Proceed to mop up the room using the designated chemical.

Fresh and inviting – Finish it off by leaving the room with a neutral odor. Some hotels use a specific brand scent which identifies the same. Room should be left with a balanced temperature. Most companies have included in their SOP a temperature to avoid utility bill to sky high and to maintain the rooms fresh.


These are 10 basics guides which are recommended by one who was in the zone war and managed to live on to share these tips. This is taking into consideration a standard size room and in the case of suites, rooms with terraces or others, time will go above 30 minutes. Keep in mind the strategy of avoiding many trips to the housekeeping cart and service landings. Also implement working in circular direction to cover all areas. And most important when finishing, close that door and feel proud of eliminating traces from previous guests and leaving that room spectacular. It is not an easy task but with determination, right equipment and hard work you can MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!