Banquets & Buffet

We cover a wide range of equipment, so our clients can find what they really need to customize their concept. In Lucerna Hospitality we make sure, we have a diverse selection so that our clients can find the perfect items.


In Lucerna Hospitality we offer a great variety of brands that perfectly fit the budget of each client. All our brands are carefully selected following the new trends of the market, combining colors, shapes, and patterns. We always strive to get the items with an excellent value for money and we are aware that our customers appreciate that the products meet their needs and expectations.


Flatware is an important part of the protocol of the service, as well as the assembly of the table. This allows the customer to enjoy their food through the sensations and texture of these beautiful flatware brands. Now days, with so many different patterns it is difficult to choose the perfect flatware for the restaurant’s concept that the client seeks for. However, in Lucerna Hospitality it is easier with our expert’s advice.


The glassware is a basic element and the most used and essential when it comes to dressing your table. Lucerna Hospitality offers a wide selection of brands from different parts of the world, to help you create a unique style and differentiate yourself from competitors.


Lucerna Hospitality offers solutions in holloware in a wide range of designs and styles, ranging from casual to elegant. All our brands are varied giving our client the possibility to choose between simple or complex designs, maintaining always the functionality.

Melamine and Polycarbonate

Melamine and polycarbonate products are paramount in the hotel industry. The use of these items is infinite and allows the customer to use it in various ways, and for any type of event. The storage becomes much easier with this type of articles as they are highly resistance to the impacts and the breaks of are practically minimal.

Table Linen

Table linen is a way of adding “value added” to the concept of the restaurant or event, because with it, not only the colors are into play, also the material and style used for this purpose. The tablecloths, napkins as well as chair covers, that we offer, gives the client the opportunity to complete the final concept he seeks for.

Kitchenware & gadgets

We offer a wide variety of kitchenware as well as cutting edge products for the new and molecular cuisine.