We are an international company founded in Puerto Rico with branches in Dominican Republic and Mexico. Our core of business lies in the Hospitality supplies. In this area we have an exhaustive product range; starting with a wide range of bed linen, bath towels, amenities, custom made lamps, table linen, tabletop items, tableware, porcelain, glassware and flatware. In addition, we offer housekeeping, banqueting, catering, bar and stewarding equipment. Our values as a company are based on quality products and personalized service. We have forged alliances with premier manufacturers all over the world, having exclusive trading agreements with many of them.Our main strength is our knowledge of the hospitality industry and trading and our advantage lies in the fact that our top have had hands on hotel management experience, gained in deluxe international chains as well as in the trading business for the last 22 years.Thanks to our experience within the industry, we are well prepared to offer our experience and products integrating the vision of the client along with the brands of products that we commercialize.

Why Lucerna Hospitality 

Because at Lucerna Hospitality, we have a passion for what we do, we are innovative, combining the classic and the contemporary, offering a service of excellence allowing us to build long-term collaborative relationships. The inspiration of our name “Lucerna”, comes from a place near Switzerland, where the famous creator and father of modern hospitality was born, who was characterized as the first to implement room service, changed dining room for restaurants and established a personalized customer service system in a very special way, marking a before and after in the world of the hospitality, for which we feel highly identified